Attention Small Business Owners: Here’s the Chance to Design Your Ideal Business App

Michael Robin on 2.13.2014 in Business

We’re looking to design the perfect insurance app for small business owners. Tell us what features you would you love to see.

Time-saving mobile apps just may be one of the great technological contributions of the last several years. With over one million apps in Apple’s App Store alone, it seems like apps are ever-expanding vistas of opportunity for doing things faster, better, and smarter.

Hiscox is excited about apps, because we’re here to help small business owners in as many ways as we can.

We’re keen to bring you our own small business insurance app, but want to make sure it’s truly useful and 100% designed around you. So tell us: Would you be interested in any of the following ideas?

• Choose the Right Insurance

Not sure what kind of small business insurance you need – or which are optional? This app could help you figure it out, by guiding you through the selection of the right insurance for you or seeing if your current policy has the coverage you want. It might even turn researching small business insurance into a kind of Choose Your Own Adventure. Sound fun? Let us know!

• Tools for SMEs

Like an exclusive salon of ideas, this app could curate content from small business experts and industry leaders to deliver information for businesses in all stages of development. If you had an app like this, who would you want to hear from? What topics would be relevant for your business?

• Connect for Small Business Opportunities

What would you think of an app that could connect you with other small businesses – potential mentors, clients, maybe even friends in the biz? A little like a dating site for businesses, an app like this could help you search for potential suppliers and vendors, or maybe even see their customer reviews. What do you think?

• The Hiscox Network

We’re thinking about a virtual hang-out of sorts for Hiscox customers, where you could meet other Hiscox customers to share best practices, ask questions, get advice, stuff like that. Would you like to have a master mind group in the palm of your hand and on stand-by 24/7? We think it sounds pretty neat; what about you?

• Calendar alerts

A calendar you don’t have to update – sounds like a dream come true, right? This app could automatically populate with dates and events relevant to your business’s industry and size. Would you use an app to get heads-ups about key business dates and regulatory changes based on your location and business interests?

• Hiscox Informed

The Hiscox Informed app would be a bit like a tireless virtual assistant, using your specs and settings to continually scan the world of information for you. Tap the app and quickly learn about issues and developments that matter to your business. If this sounds like a winner, what kind of information would you appreciate having at your fingertips?

These are just a few ideas we’ve come up with, but we know you’re in the trenches every day and know exactly what would be helpful to you. So tell us: Would your business benefit from some of these ideas – and which ones?

If not, what do you want to see in our app?

Post a comment and let us know what you think. How would you improve upon the ideas presented? What does your ideal business insurance app look like? Please be sure to mention your line of work – thanks!

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Kevin Kerridge is the director of small business insurance for Hiscox, a company providing customized business insurance for entrepreneurs and small business professionals including consultants, IT professionals, graphic designers, fitness trainers, beauty salons, architects, engineers, and many more.



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